Well, I know the others will forget to say it, but thank you for being here.  It took us a long time to figure out what exactly the point of this website would be, and to have anyone join us here is awesome.  Hopefully you'll enjoy your experience.  Look at our photos, read our words, [...]


Everything has beauty.  From the smallest insect to the billions of galaxies above and beyond us.  It is not always easy to find, but with the right moment, and a good lens, it can be captured. Tuo fratello, Renegade Two

So. You’re here.

I know what you're thinking.  'This is the overly dramatic asshole that lied in his intro.'  Is that about accurate?  Or something like 'what kind of person claims he saw the seas in their infancy?  So arrogant.  An idiot with a god complex, surely.'  Perhaps you'll throw words around like ridiculous, impossible, foolish.. or roll [...]