Gain a Perspective

Fireworks, Kisses, and Bursts of Excitement

may define the greetings of the New Year oft as not.

But listen closely.  Observe closer.  What do you find?  The cheers or the sirens?  The crowds or the loneliness?  The hopeful or the regretful?  On the multiplicity of spectra, where do you fall?

Because we all know this is a time of reflection and renewal.  A time to rejuvenate our character.  A time when resolution springs from honesty.  As truth becomes change.  As we rediscover our self-worth and seek to bring out the best in ourselves.

We will not comment on the state of our world, as so many do; and we dare to say that what problems lay ahead may be found more within than without.

Whether you will to believe us or not; Whether we doubt our own veracity or not; Whether our world withers or thrives;


For this is the time.  Our Time.

And we will meet it together.

This is Our Decade.  It is dubbed.


Hey, Everybody!

Don’t worry, you’ve nothing to fear from me, so sit your happy butts down and let me a tell you a story! 🙂

Once upon a time – Hey!  Don’t groan, that’s rude!  Yeah, I get it, it’s unoriginal, but so what?  It’s perfect! And I like it, so I’m gonna milk it – Once upon a time, there were 4 fools who bumped into each other.  Literally!  Hahaha…

One got stranded out of time and had to argue with our creator to be sent back, but he irritated the creator so much that he was returned as plastic!  So now he lives forever and continues to spread his irritation.

Another couldn’t decide who he wanted to be, and after going through several wild experiences designed to help him, he still has no idea! 😉

The next tried to merge spiritually with the planet, and while he probably thinks he succeeded, he just looks a little greener to me.

The last was normal.

Yeah, poor him. 😦

Anyway!  The bump occurred on a bright sunny day in the middle of fall, and after bumbling about and cursing the inconveniences of their lives, they found themselves in the same car for the first time.  They dubbed the vehicle Heidi, and such a sweet Mercedes girl she was, taking them for a ride whenever possible…  Hahaha see what I did there?? 😛

She had a beautiful sky-colored coat and two doors – highly inconvenient for 4… – and she could fly down the roads!  During their first couple of trips, our 4 fools spoke riddles to one another, each trying to prove something to the others, but they eventually shut up and worked together to compile a list of music unique to their tastes to complement their adventuring.  It was then that the perfect song for them was found, and the Renegade Squad was born.

You may be asking, why are they in the car together?  Where were they going?  Don’t worry, there was a destination.  They always had a destination, even if it was simply the open road. 😉

Now, a reminder.  Our 4 fools.  A writer, a photographer, an artist, and a fictional character…  Yep, poor him.

Oh, wait, that’s not what I said before was it?  My bad.  I guess I simply won’t explain who was who!  I’m devilish like that sometimes. 😛

So the Renegade Squad was born from 4 fools, a car, and a song while driving towards a castle… or was it a mountain?  A city?

Crap.  I can’t remember.

Oh wow, this post is way longer than intended!  I’ve rambled too much, damnit!  I’ll just stop now.  That works, right?

Um, yeah.  Sure.  Why not?  Ok, bye!



Well, I know the others will forget to say it, but thank you for being here.  It took us a long time to figure out what exactly the point of this website would be, and to have anyone join us here is awesome.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy your experience.  Look at our photos, read our words, listen to our favorite music, send us messages.  And please, share your stories and experiences.  We genuinely want to hear them!

Or, I do at least.  The others may be a little too self-absorbed.  They’ll say they’re interested and curious, but trust me, take it with a grain of salt.


Renegade Krishna